Irene Mirci dancing for G.E.B.

Irene Mirci

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Irene Mirci dancing with veil

Irene was born in Italy and grew up in Australia. While working as a tour leader, she travelled to Pakistan, India, Tunisia, Syria, and Yemen. During that time she developed an interest in dance styles from the countries she visited and some years later started seriously studying Raqs Sharki (Dance from the East) and Arabic Folklore. She enrolled in some of Rome's best dance schools and regularly attended classes for over six years to learn the subtle art of Arab dance. Irene's instructors included the Egyptian dancer Amal Khalifa and the Egyptian dance instructor Saad Ismail of the Mahamoud Reda Dance Troupe. With Italian dancer and C.U.S. instructor Maria Luisa Sales, Irene studied a more contemporary style combining Dance Oriental with elements of Bharatnatyam, Creative Movement, and Flamenco. Irene was the primary dancer at the "Cleopatra" Restaurant in Ladispoli, Italy from 2004 to 2005, and she has participated in various shows and live performances during cultural events, weddings, and parties in Italy and in the United States. She began teaching Arab Dance classes in 2001. In 2006, Irene relocated to the United States and now resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. Irene has a particular interest in the expression of femininity in different cultures and has always been curious about other languages and folklore. In Irene's opinion, when met with a language barrier, it is easiest to relate to people while dancing to their folk music because a step and a smile can bring you closer than a thousand words.

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